Visible Light Curing Photopolymers

LCD 3D printing that makes design and manufacture in a every facility easier. 

This is a different method of 3D printing to provide you wit ha unique, patented solution to your business’s needs.

When you’re ready for advanced 3D printing capabilities for detailed work like jewelry design and art, Photocentric is the right source.

Liquid Crystal Titan

The largest, high resolution
LCD 3D printer in the world

The Liquid Crystal Titan 3D printer has the largest 8K screen ever made and is the new way to print very large parts or large quantities of parts simultaneously. Supported by 9 years of development from the inventors of LCD printing, Titan is a manufacturing process providing fully transparent costs, delivering large parts in volume and creating real value.

Liquid Crystal Magna

Large format LCD 3D printer

Liquid Crystal Magna 3D printer is the proven workhorse and profitable asset for volume digital manufacturing. Magna delivers surprising resolution and high definition across a huge area, rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively, uniquely standing alone among other large professional 3D printers.

Liquid Crystal Opus

High resolution open source
LCD 3D printer

Liquid Crystal Opus is a desktop 3D printer delivering both large capacity & high accuracy. Years of our research into screen degradation make this the only UV LCD printer on the market offering perpetual screen life- no UV degradation.  Opus has an open resin system suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Photocentric’s advanced light-cured polymers are ideal for small spaces and intricate designs.

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