The Power of 3D Metal Printers

One of the most powerful new developments in 3D printing is the ability to print metal.

A beer commercial that has recently been released talks about how The Most Interesting Man in the World “once 3D printed a 3D printer.”

With the innovations from Desktop Metal, especially the Studio System, can bring nearly any business into the 21st century. This system allows businesses to print metal parts, avoiding the need to wait for a single part to be shipped from some remote location.

Some of the statements from the Desktop Metal website summarize the power of this innovation:

“The Studio system is up to ten times cheaper than comparable laser-based systems. With purchase and subscription pricing options, it’s the only metal 3D printing system that is cost-effective for engineering teams.

“We eliminated lasers and powders to make the Studio system safe for any facility. Unlike other systems, there are no special facilities or 3rd party equipment required–just power and an internet connection.”

At TWI, we have used both the studio and the production system from Desktop Metal are among the most powerful systems in the world.


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